This is a brief guide about some awesome drinking games.

You can try some of these games with your friends.

Sounds fun? Let’s go through this!

Card drinking games are very interesting and entertaining, and they are especially fun to play with your friends. You can play them on parties, or in social gatherings. No matter how old you are, these games are always fun, the only condition is that you love drinking!

You were probably looking for some great games to have some fun while drinking and partying? Indeed, there are many games like this, and here we will select some of the best card drinking games. You will only need drinks and a deck of cards (or a few of them).

Here you will see just a brief list of these fun card drinking games, but if you would like to see more, and how exactly to play these games, check our guides on card drinking games! We selected 6 most popular and fun drinking games, some of them based on “truth or dare”, some of them based on bluffing and guessing. It just depends on what you and your friends prefer, so check these games and see if you would like to try them:



  1. The Give and Take is a fun drinking game to play with a group of people. In this game you use cards to actually imitate a game of truth and dare. You are saying the truths that people would usually say when they are not drunk. You need to make two rows of six cards face down and one row is truth and the other side is the dare side. Each card from to six in the rows determines the number of drinks. After each flip, any player that has that specific card has to either answer the Truth (If drawn from the Truth Row) or perform the Dare (If drawn from the Dare Row). This is also a good game to relax or to bond more with other people. You can get to know more about people.


2) Another great and fun game to play while drinking is The Indian Poker. The game is very simple. Each player gets a card and puts it on their forehead without looking at it. This is similar to other guessing games, but in this game you make bets. However, the bets refer to drinks. The dealer starts off the game by betting a certain number of drinks that they have the highest card. The player who loses overall (the one with the lowest card) must drink the total of the bets. This game is generally very popular and again, it is quite simple and easy to play, which makes it really entertaining especially while drinking.


  1. Card of Lies or Bluff Me is a popular card drinking game. You deal 3 cards to each player and then you take turns by naming one of your cards. You can tell the truth and lie. If a player guesses right, you drink, and if a player guesses wrong, they drink. If, however, everyone gets it wrong, everyone drinks. There are other additional rules to this so you can check them out in our guides. This is especially fun for those who enjoy bluffing games or who would like to practice it some more. It may be particularly difficult to bluff while drunk or to guess that others are bluffing while drinking.


  1. There is a great card drinking game called Bus Driver that you can play with your friends. You choose one person who is the “Bus Driver” and the other who will be the “Rider”.The Bus driver puts 5 cards face down on the table. Then the Rider will guess the cards and with each guessed card he or she “moves to the front of the bus”. If the Rider guesses wrong, then they must take a sip once for that card and once for every card that they guessed right previously in the string. The goal then is to get to the front of the bus in one string. It is, in a way, a two-player card game, but as many players as you wish may participate. The key is to speed up the game so that people take turns more quickly. It is also interesting to watch while one person is guessing.


5)A really interesting social drinking game to play is called Jail. For this game you actually need a few decks together. In general, you use classic cards to replace cards from some other social games. Each card has a certain value in a way that each card actually “tells” you what to do. For instance, 5 means you are in Jail and any time anyone else drinks you must drink as well. 8 is a rule card and you make any rule you wish. 9 is a Piss card which means nobody can go to the bathroom without turning in a 9 card, etc. Cards from 1 to 4 may tell you how much drinks you can have. Each card basically gives you instructions whether to drink, how much, and so on. Once you catch all the rules, the game becomes increasingly interesting and entertaining.


  1. Kings– One of the most popular social drinking games in the world is called Kings. Players’ actions and drinks are associated with the face-down card that they randomly select each turn. The player must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn. Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. Often groups establish house rules with their own variation of rules. Basically, it is similar to Jail, but it has some other rules, which you can check in our guides on card drinking games.