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Top Casino Guide is a friendly place for all players out there: beginners or experienced gamblers, and land-based casino lovers or online casino participants. This is a site where you can find everything you need to know about casinos: games, casino providers, free spins, best bonuses, and even types of casinos.

On our website, you will find everything you have always wanted to know about the most respected casinos and their features, as well as about all kinds of games you wish to play. You can find the most wanted bonuses, both deposit and no deposit, free spins; read detailed guides on games you are interested in, learn about betting options, and go through tips and tricks on how to improve your gameplay, and much, much more. If you intressted in card games, do not miss our section about those!

Before you start gambling, please go through our page where we have compiled the all-important things you need to know about casinos games, land-based and online gambling, tips, and bonuses. We have made comprehensive yet easy to follow guides to all types of casino games; we have explained how bonuses work, how you can bet and improve your chances, and we have even provided relevant data on casinos throughout the world. Of course, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and taking on your suggestions to improve our pages! We value our player’s experiences and if you would like to share anything with us, please do! So let’s roll the dice and get engaged in this exciting casino world! If you are looking for the best sportsbook, check out this site!

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Gamble from the comfort of your home! Making bets while playing with real players and croupiers, who are dealing an actual deck of cards before your eyes, at any casino in the world… and all this while lying on your most comfortable pillow, sitting in your favorite armchair, and dressed any way you prefer. Yes, it is not just “possible”, it is a reality in which people across the world live every day! And all that with just a click or two! Who wouldn’t take the opportunity? You can play in online casinos without having to deal with croupiers or even other players if you don’t want to. Everything is computerized and “clean”. Indeed, many people like online games since there is no human factor. You can play in a real-time casino experience while you are in the comfort of your own home. They also give you the opportunity to play for free. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you might want to go through our guides on the best online casinos for tips and fun trivia. We have prepared complete guides for you to understand everything you wish to know about online casinos and the way they function.

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Online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are a truly great thing. For instance, many players enjoy welcome bonuses that they are awarded simply for joining a site. However, bonuses can be a regular thing once you get involved in this great casino world! There are free credits almost every month and for long term members the amounts become impressive. One option is to opt for no deposit casino bonuses that have all the regular casino gaming features, but you don’t have to upload funds to play. Many players prefer to get familiar with the games and the casino before making the decision to wager real money. Most often, players need to open an account to play free, no deposit casino games and it is most often free. When you sign up, you are usually awarded welcome bonuses, credits, or free spins. Free spins are given to new players but they are also given in many other situations. Very often, you can get a lot of free spins (50, 100 or even up to 400). Free spins can sometimes onlybe given in certain games and must be spent within those games. You can read in our bonuses guide on the exact type of casino bonuses given, when and how they are offered, and how to profit the most.

Live Casino

Live casinos have become increasingly popular and many players throughout the world enjoy the fact that they can play their favorite games in online casinos, but with the thrill of live play. You feel as if you are really standing or sitting at the casino table, but only you are sitting comfortably at home. When playing, you can always see the dealer’s hands and the deck of cards or roulette wheel; everything is under your control. Here we explain everything about live casinos, how they work, how to bet there, and which ones are safe and secure. In fact, we provide you with video recordings so that you can see exactly how it looks before coming to a real live casino and starting your session.

Casino Reviews

You can find about various casinos on our website, especially those from the UK. We include their location, reputation, types of games available, payout percentage, advantages and disadvantages, other people’s experiences, and much more. Everything is transparent and we hope this will be useful for you. You will see we went through almost all the casinos in the United Kingdom, through regions and cities, and explain which ones are the most prominent and why. We have selected the safest casinos based on our research and other players’ experiences. We want you to be safe and satisfied!

Casino Games Reviews

In this page we have made complete and easy-to-follow guides to all casino games. Whether you already know how to play them and only wish to improve and find some useful tips, or you are a beginner and wish to learn, this is the right place for you! You will find everything from all kinds of Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Bingo, Roulette, and so on. You will read everything about Slots, how they became, how they work now and how you can improve your gameplay. These are all complete guides, so they do not include only rules and types of game, but some good tips on betting and playing, interesting facts, fun historic background, useful links, and so on. All in one place just for you so that you don’t have to search any further. Finding the right guide is as easy as clicking on the top section “Guides” where you can click on any game you are interested in.

Card Games

In our webpage you can find useful guides on various card games, and not only casino games. This means that you can read about all sorts of rummy (canasta, telefunken, mahjong, rummikub, buraco, etc.), three card brag, bullshit, two-player games, drinking card games, and much, much more. We cover any card game you wish. You can read about gambling card games as well as about simple social card games. You can find guides on these games, interesting fun facts, variations throughout the world, and so on. Card drinking games are very interesting and entertaining, and they are especially fun to play with your friends. You can play them on parties, or in social gatherings. Generally, most card games can be played with several people, and many people prefer it that way. However, some of these games can be even better if played in two. And some card games are specifically designed for two. Maybe you just wish to play with your friends a simple card games, or you just want to have some fun with your children. Sometimes it is just you and your significant other or your best friend. Whatever it is, these games are a great fun and distraction and this is why we share here a whole bunch of them. These games are then great for friends and families. Some suggest that it is better to change a game if one person is on a losing streak, so that nobody feels too bad and so that the game does not become abhorred. For people that simply enjoy playing with cards, this is an amazing chance to find it all in one place!

Land-based casinos

For those of you who prefer coming to a real-life land-based casino, we have prepared the ultimate guide to all land-based casinos in UK, as well as some general information on land-based casinos in the world. In the United Kingdom you can find more than 100 land-based casinos and of course, you can find all kinds of games there. You can play classics such as Roulette, Blackjack and Craps, but also any other games that you can think of, such as Kalooki, Mahjong, Casino War and Wheel of Fortune. Poker is also a favorite of British Casino fans, even though the Rake system is prevalent in UK casinos and Poker rooms. Some of the UK best casinos are in fact the best casinos in the world. Therefore, casino industry in UK is extremely developed and well-known. Their stuff is highly professional, casino games are of a highest quality and diversity. A number of people that go through these casinos daily are indeed great. So, as for the casinos in UK, we went through the entire country – from North to South and from West to East. We divided casinos based on their territories – area of the land, and we also went through casinos based on their game suppliers, such as Genting and Grosvenor. Thus you can easily surf through our website and search for the casinos you are interested in. The benefit of playing at land-based casino is what many players claim – that it is real and that you get the thrill of being in a real casino while the actual croupier is dealing cards. People also enjoy mingling and chatting, while having their favorite drink. To be sure which casino will give you the most enjoyable experience, do check our section for land-based casinos that we prepared for you.

New online casinos

On the internet casinos emerge very often. Usually these new casinos are improved because they are based on the old ones’ advantages while trying to avoid old mistakes. With time, new casinos are being developed and they adopt a modern and user-friendly design with more and more new games and new opportunities. Of course, you are in the right place if you wish to stay tuned. We check for these new casinos and provide you with the latest bonuses and opportunities. You can be the first to find out about new best casinos on the internet. We will let you know about all the new-coming casinos in 2018 and we will show you what is being improved and what is important for you as a player.

Casino Providers

If you play slots at various casinos, you have probably noticed that not all games are the same regarding their quality and experience. Behind those games that you enjoyed the most stand the greatest casino game providers, famous and big. We found those casino providers and we selected the best only for you! You can explore through our website on the best casino suppliers and find out more about them. You can see more of their games, learn which ones are the best for you and why. Next time you enter a casino, you can check with staff who is their casino provider and decide whether you wish to play their games or not. You will find here all the important data on all casino providers. You can also find them online, check their games, explore and experience them and all that with the little help of our website.

Free Spins

A bonus of free spins is probably something that most players look forward to. Getting your chance for free is extremely exciting. Of course, to get those free spins you usually have to be a member of a casino, since casinos mostly offer bonuses and awards to their members. But to know which casinos offer those bonuses, and which ones have greater benefits, you need to stay tuned to our webpage! Here we share which casinos offer the best bonuses and which have the best conditions. Free spins are very often given to new players but they are also given in many other situations. So frequently, during the game, you can get a lot of free spins (50, 100 or even up to 400). Free spins can sometimes be given only in certain games and must be spent within those games. In order to understand when and how free spins are give you can read further on in our text on casino bonuses. The Best Payment Providers When it comes to playing games in online casinos, it is of utmost importance to have a safe paying method. We all want our gambling to be protected and safe. This is why it is highly important to choose among the best paying means. Players truly appreciate the ability to make a deposit fast and easily in online casinos. There are various deposit methods in different casinos. Some payment methods differ depending on the country. For instance, as for UK casinos, you have really a lot of payment methods. In our page, you can read about some of the most popular payment methods and you will see how they work. We will provide you with the most important details of withdrawing money, making deposits, registering and much more. We have chosen among the most secure and popular payment methods.


Betting is what casinos and casino games are all about. But not all casinos are the same and not all bets are good. Here we select the casinos where your bets really pay off and we help you improve your betting strategies. We have made a research on the most popular betting techniques that are applicable in most games. We have also found the most useful betting strategies for each game that you can find on our website. We help you with some betting tips and tactics and share our pieces of advice. When is the time to stop? When is the right moment to shine with a high bet? Which casino has the best payout percentage? All this and much more can be found here on our website You can also check out to find the best bonuses and betting tips in Sweden.

Betting odds

Odds in betting depend on various factors, but one of the most relevant is the gaming company. The odds should usually be 2 times the money, but still in practice this goes a little bit differently. The gaming companies charge a certain fee to earn money, which means that the odds will probably be 1.90 to 1.90, or 1.95 to 1.95 depending on how much the game company holds. Another thing worth remembering is that the more money invested in a certain outcome, the lower the odds will be. At the same time, the odds of the opposite outcome will increase. The same applies if there are more outcomes than two. Understanding how betting odds are work is maybe even the most important thing when it comes to gambling and casinos. Without it, it is fairly difficult to win. This is why we prepared the guide for you. What is important to you as a player For some players it is extremely important to have secure payment methods while some prefer kind croupiers. Some wish to have the best gaming providers and some are fonder of the casino bonuses. Indeed, it all depends on your personality and your preferences. This is why your casino experience and your playing methods will indeed depend on your personal traits. We take all this into consideration and this is why we provide you with the most relevant information on casinos and their games. In regards with different types of people, we have selected various betting strategies, manners of playing, all sorts of casinos, etc. Taking into consideration your personal preferences, we have selected different types of payment methods, so that you can find which one suits you best.

Gamble Safe!

You can find throughout our reviews and guides various tips on how to stay safe whether you are gambling online or in a land-based casino. This is why we have selected the best casinos, the most popular casino providers, and the safest websites for online betting. We have also found the top payment providers and the most secure ways of paying and receiving money online. Another very important thing is to know your limits based on your personality and the odds of each game. If you feel you are losing control over your bets, your money, or you feel like you have developed an addiction that interferes with your everyday life or affects your relationships, then you need to consider finding help. Sometimes it is best to stop, at least for some time, and rebuild your sense of control. After all, a real player should stay calm and composed in order to also read other people’s moves and faces and to know when exactly is the right moment to withdraw because the next move may be fatal to his or her bankroll. Having control over your cards as well as your life is what is crucial. Responsible gambling is something that must be your top priority. One way is to ask casinos in which you enrolled to help you by, for instance, blocking your account or you can set limits immediately when you start playing at a new casino. Gambling as an addiction can be extremely serious and you must be able to recognize it. Always feel free to reach out about this problem. This is why we give you some useful tips on how to improve your betting tactics, as well as on playing better and specific games. We have found it all for you: the odds of winning, payout percentage, types of bets, the best betting techniques, casinos that pay off the most, and much more. And you can find it all here on our page! —-

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We are very much dedicated to finding right casinos, and we are experts in casino games. We collect various experiences that help us in reviewing and selecting the best casinos, casino games, betting methods, and so on. We are constantly checking for new casino bonuses, latest casino news, and other players’ experiences. Again, this is why we are looking to forward to hearing from you, because it is not only us that will help you, but you are the one who will help us. We look at casinos and casino games from different points of view, provide you with the relevant data and help you stay satisfied and safe. To find anything you are interested in, simply click on any section that you can see at the top of our page. You can check Online Casinos, read about them and find the most suitable for you. You can see our Top list of only the best casinos, games, casino providers, payment providers, etc. You can check for the latest bonuses and free spins that we follow daily. Casino providers are the link you want to click on if you would like to read about the most prominent casino gaming suppliers in the world. And last, but not least, Guides are there to help you go through any casino game you can think of – everything from their beginnings to the most important tips that will help you win. Enjoy your ride!  

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